Saturday, July 14, 2012

Create My Super Hippies

Step by step

Pleased to able share techniques for make this character. This first time I made step by step. not perfect but may just a useful reference. let's learn together, enjoy.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Adventure Of Alex : Electricity

My Project Childrens Book for App i-Pad
The Adventure Of Alex : Electricity
with mr. Wyne Hartman and my Friends Excel

The Adventures of Alex: Electricity' is the first installment of a series of interactive stories for the iPad. It tells the story of Alex, a smart and inquisitive boy, who wants to discover the origins of electricity. Follow him on an adventure that culminates in a 'shocking' twist at the end of his journey. A fun story for children and adults alike, The Adventures of Alex not only entertains, but educates, as well. Nearly all elements in each of the thirteen pages repeat back to the user what the element is and display the words on-screen, teaching children vocabulary about the things that they see around them. Also, there is an alternate Spanish narration to expand your child's horizons by learning a second language.